More Kyoto

Golden Pavilion - Rokuon-Ji Temple
Golden Pavilion – Rokuon-Ji Temple
Geisha at Gion Corner
Geisha at Gion Corner

Another snowy start to the day and the temps hovered around freezing all day.

Started out at a gold-leaf covered temple in the middle of a lake. Built in the 1220’s, it is now a World Cultural Heritage building – very spectacular.

Went to the BIC Camera store near the station – 5 levels of great toys (computers, cameras etc  …… all things digital and electronic). No problems with Japanese helping their government fix the country’s economy – they are fanatical shoppers.

Had a temple break this afternoon to prepare for a night time venture into the Gion district. An older part of town with narrow streets, lots of restaurants and the occasional Geisha scurrying by.

We walked around for a while, had a great meal and some interesting conversation with the chef who spoke very little English.

We now have the pubic transport system mastered and have seen a lot of this city from inside a warm bus.

Leaving tomorrow to return to Osaka. Not before checking out the Imperial Palace which is walking distance from our hotel.

Lots of great memories from an amazing city.

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